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In times of crisis, people tend to sometimes get their facts wrong. This has been no exception during the global COVID-19 pandemic. In an effort to combat this, the South African government has published regulations that requires each and every website in the ZADNA domain to have a landing page that clearly shows a link to the official information site, created by the Department of Health.

In order to help South Africans to do this quickly and effectively, Counterweight Web Services, with help from ITFirst South Africa, has created a free script that can be added to any existing website, to automatically add a banner to the bottom of their site (like the one shown at the bottom of this page). Websites can make use of this by adding the following script tag to their website (we recommend that this is added just before the </body> tag):

<script src=""></script>

Installation Instructions:

For WordPress Sites, paste the following code at the bottom of your functions.php file

function cws_covid19() {
wp_register_script( 'cwsCOVID', '', null, null, true );
add_action( 'wp_footer', 'cws_covid19' );


For questions or requests, you can also use the Live Chat to get in touch with us.

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